I met my husband at work, when we were both EMT’s. When we worked our first shift together it was love at first sight. Let me clarify by saying it was probably only me that felt that way. I had a huge feeling that day that, in the future, I would date this guy.  Of course at the time I did not know he had a son when falling for him. We were only 19 so I didn’t feel like it was a question that I had to ask. But by the time I found out I had already fallen in love. Never did I think during this time what it would be like to be a stepmom, or what that even meant. I didn’t do research or even talk to anyone who was a stepmom because no one around me had a blended family. 
       Boy was our first year of dating a rough one. It came with never-ending new situations and conversations. Once you figure out one thing something else occurs, and not until I was about 6 years already holding the title stepmom did I even start to research and look at how other stepmoms were handling or dealing with their own journey. Every stepmom’s story is slightly different: different number of kids, previous marriage, their own kids, older kids, younger kids, and that doesn’t even touch on the different schedules or custody percentages. With all these different scenarios how can one really seek the correct advice? You can’t, you can only look at what others are doing and see if it will work for you. All of our stories are different, but all we can do is try our best with what we know.  
      Fast forward 8 years, we have 50/50 custody, and a 3/4 day schedule for our boy. We have always had what I’d like to say is a pretty good relationship with both parental parties involved. 
     Me and my husband have been married almost 5 years and have two daughters of our own: Kennedy- who is our feisty and smart 4 year old, and Reagan- our sweet and fearless 2 year old. We also have a chocolate lab who has been around since the beginning, she is almost 8. 
     I am writing this blog to help encourage a successful family dynamic, whether it be blended or not, by telling my stories and life lessons. I am forever listening to podcasts, or reading articles on how to parent better and have a healthy relationship with my husband amidst the chaos of what we call life. 

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