Kicked off Facebook for being a Positive Stepmom

I have recently joined a few Stepmom groups/ Blended family and a Coparenting one on facebook but as I reply to some posts with, “Hey check out my blog I have a good article on that” I have been told to stop replying on two separate groups!

Guys this really bums me out!! People are all writing negative stuff so I am trying to steer them in a better direction by letting them read a blog I wrote on that topic instead of having to copy and paste the whole thing and now I am being told to stop?!? A POSITIVE resource in a blended family herself and I am being told to leave.

PLEASE!!! Share my blog with your friends and family so we can all find a positive influence in our lives and not just be using this social media stuff to rant and complain! Life is all what you make it! Make it the BEST one you live!


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