StepMom/Mum Community Part 2

Hello again Mommas!!
I am so excited to collaborate with more step-mommas to build a part 2 to this community!! We will see what the future holds for a part 3! Anyone who reads this and would like to be featured on here Message me and we will see what we can do! I hope if you were unable to find someone with a familiar story on Part 1, you have better luck here!
I know we all have different stories and journeys and my goal is to help you find someone with a similar story!
Kaysha Andrews, Oklahoma – Choosing Character Over Chaos – Stepmom to SS18 (in Heaven) and SD16, Biomom to 2 Daughters (16 & 11).
We have had an interesting 1st year of marriage (anniversary 3/3/19).  We have 3 daughters and 1 son (in heaven).  My husband has been divorced 11 years and I have been divorced 3.  We have been together 2.5 years and married 1.  I’m relatively new to the stepmom world and feel as if I have failed most days.  Coming into my SD’s life at 13 years of age and being completely opposite of her biomom has been nothing short of a disaster.  We are currently in court, we communicate with our high-conflict exes on both sides through email only and all we want is to provide a loving environment and raise kind, responsible girls.  My husband is supportive and we put our relationship as a top priority while maintaining our goal for raising the girls.  
My blog started as a divorce tool to remind women and men to be responsible for YOUR actions, remain kind and keep your standards and character high, but it is very applicable in a combined/family dynamic.  We attempt (key word is attempt) to remain kind in our responses and communication with our exes, even in the midst of huge disagreements in parenting, rules and lifestyles. Sometimes the best response is no response and remaining United and strong is a daily task.
Brianna Dotson, California, The Blended Tribe-A Blended Fam Blog, Mom of 1 Girl (13) & 1 Boy (10), Stepmom of 1 Boy (13) & 1 Girl (8).
I’m a divorce survivor, single mom turned stepmom of officially 3 years now.  Every single day is a learning experience.  Raising a blended family has many ups and downs.  I love sharing my experiences to let other blended families out there know that they are not alone.  Although there are a lot of challenging times, I wouldn’t change my blended tribe for the world.  Check out our family blog for information and guest post from blended families of all types      
Hit me up on IG as well @ the_blended_tribe
Ell Kennedy, The Straight Up Stepmom, Stepmom to 3.  
I’ve been a Stepmom for over 10 years.  When I met my future DH, I was in my m in d 30’s,  recovered from a near fatal accident, had never been married, recently graduated from college and found a very good job.  Things had never been better.  My self confidence was fierce and firmly grounded.  I was super excited to have met my soul mate and the cute bonuses he came with.  But with all that goodness came weighted with darkness of chaos, insecurity, jealousy and rage in the ex wife and over the years it’s changed me.  Not the way anyone wants to be – I’ve been thinking and feeling all the issues we’ve had were because of me.  At one point, after a pretty miserable family vacation to the beach, we left the night before to go home.  It was raining, I was looking out the passenger window, tears falling from my eyes and I was contemplating divorce and/or suicide.  Then I plugged in my ear buds and started listening to Step-monster by Wednesday Martin on Audible.  By the end of the book, the darkness started to dissipate, I stopped shouldering the turmoil and chaos of which wasn’t mine to shoulder, and started stepping back.  Sadly our situation hasn’t gotten any better with the kids and that makes me sad.  I was the primary, custodial parent for years.  I did all the hard work and yet I’ve been excluded from prom activities, as well as senior planning and pictures (I’m a hobby photographer – not the best but I do good work).  My husband grew up with knowing who his Dad was but not having a Dad involved.  Watching him hurt has been difficult but he has a lot of ownership in the developments.  We’ve all made mistakes but overlooking and ignoring them isn’t working for him.  I know now that it’s not a stepmom issue but a family dynamics issue that needs addressed and until everyone puts down their ego and let’s go of their pride, the dynamics will not change to be better.  
Naja Hall, New York (Kids live in Texas), Blended and Black, Stepmom of 2 girls (14,7) and 1 boy (7).
“My mission is to promote harmony and restore balance in mending, broken and blended millennial families” – Naja Hall
Naja has a few ebooks available for resources and she has written a book called “Girl Bye”.
Your Truly 
Jade San Nicolas 
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