Making money as a SAHM

Hello there,

Do YOU want to make money from home? Want to be able to help provide for your family and still be available for your children at the drop of a hat!!

Recently I embarked on a journey I never thought I would do … but you guys it has been amazing!

So many people have already asked me in the last month why I decided to take on the role as a Rodan and Fields consultant.

This question is hard to answer because I have so many answers!

#1. ) My husband is amazing and from day one we always agreed on me being a stay at home mom, this was not a full time job for me until we had our own “ours” baby. If you are not sure what I mean by that I will explain. When you are in a relationship with a man with kids, his kids are your step-kids, you may even have kids of your own. When you have a child together it is considered an “ours” baby in a blended family. Please do not get offended it just helps blended families communicate about their dynamic. When I was a stepmom I would still work, as we only had him half the week. When we had our own I became a SAHM. My husband has taken on the role of being the sole provider and this sometimes means back to back overtime shifts. As I see our kids begin to grow and him miss out on some activities it makes me wish he didn’t need to do the overtime shifts. I decided to become a consultant to add to our income and slowly in time my goal is for him to eliminate all need for overtime and have more a family time. Because isn’t the goal in life to play harder than you work! 

#2. ) I have been a full time SAHM for almost two years now and when you become a SAHM sometimes you feel like you begin to lose yourself. In addition to recently becoming a fitness instructor at a MommyFit group (Which is amazing) I embraced this journey with Rodan and Fields. It has made me create new friendships, stronger bond and rekindle old friendships!

#3. ) Guys!!! I am not going to lie, before Rodan and Fields I used the $2 face scrub, and two other face washes I would rotate depending on which one I thought may work that day and not cause my skin to be too dry. I never spent much on my make-up or skin care products. The only regret I have with this company is not discovering it sooner!! My face feels amazing, I love all the products and even though I purchased the large business kit with pretty much all the products I have already purchased a few more! I want to try them all, not only for myself but before I sell something I want to be able to tell you I love it…. Which brings me to my fourth point!

#4. ) When I first started with this company I had someone close to me sit me down and really explain how they felt this was a bad fit for me. This was all out of love but … they continued to tell me I needed to sell something related to fitness because that’s why a lot of people look up to me. The truth is I don’t use any products for my fitness, I workout, sweat and try my best to make healthy conscious food decisions. I explained this and they proceeded to tell me that in sales you don’t necessarily have to believe in your products! Wow! That was actually the reason that’s kept me out of sales for so long! I took a breath and explained that the people I was selling to are family and friends, people I see on a weekly basis and hangout with them and their kids! I could not lie to these people! That is why I love Rodan and Fields !! I love their products, I use a ton of them and believe in their results, that makes it easy to encourage friends and family to make the dive and to try out these amazing products!!

I have only had positive feedback from everyone who has purchased items and with anyone who had a concern, we were able to do a little research and fix right away!!

So mommas, whether you are looking for a side job, a little extra cash or to begin a new chapter in your life … I would be more than happy to talk with you and have you join my team! (Or talk products for your own skin care concerns… I PROMISE your going to love anything you get and if you don’t, R&F is so confident in their products they have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!!! )

We are capable of shaping our own futures! Start now!

Yours Truly 

Jade San Nicolas 

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